Playwright is Shopify Scripts made simple.

Manage discounts, promotions and pricing for your Shopify Plus store using Shopify Scripts.

Our simple interface means there's no coding or technical knowledge required.

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Built exclusively for Shopify Plus

Scripts are great.

Shopify Scripts are an incredibly powerful addition for Plus merchants. They can handle discount promotions, tiered pricing, customer-specific pricing, product bundles, and complex dynamic pricing scenarios.

Furthermore, they can do all this without any the need to create swathes of duplicate products and variants, unstable front end hacks, or lengthy waits for changes to apply.

They do have limitations, though.

As great as scripts are, though, they do suffer from a couple of issues.

Limited education

Many merchants aren't aware of the possibilities of Scripts. To date, all of Shopify's marketing around the feature has been focused towards developers and agencies, trusting that they will be able to educate and onboard merchants.

Complex and costly

Building a solid Shopify Script requires Ruby skills and development time - something that most merchants don't have in-house, that many Partners don't offer, and that can cost a lot of money to put together.

Hard to maintain

Even when a Shopify Script has been written and nails a Merchant's use case, it can be difficult for them to maintain or update, often meaning many trips back to the original developer.

Playwright offers a solution.

Playwright provides Shopify Plus Merchants and their Partners with an intuitive UI (identical to the native Shopify Admin UI) that allows them to build and compose Script-driven promotional campaigns, tiered pricing levels, customer-specific pricing, and the like without knowing a single line of code.

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Once your trial expires, you'll be billed $79 per month via Shopify's billing system. This is our beta price and won't be available post-launch.

Note that a Shopify Plus account is required to use the Shopify Scripts generated by Playwright.


Some examples of the sorts of Scripts Playwright can generate.

Buy One, Get One. The most popular type of promotion around, BOGOs let you offer customers free or discounted items when their cart meets certain requirements.

Examples: "Buy two jackets, get one free!", "Buy any bag and get a free accessory!"

Product Bundles. Define a specific set of products customers can purchase to get an overall discount.

Examples: "Buy the look and save 10%!", "Get all items in the starter kit for $999!"

Tiered Pricing / Quantity Breaks. Define price lists to trigger discounts for specific groups of items and encourage customers to buy in bulk.

Example: "Buy 200 buttons, get 10% off. Buy 1000 buttons, get 20% off!"

Wholesale Pricing / Customer Pricing. Give trade partners a wholesale discount or reward specific groups of VIP customers with price lists specific to customer groups.

Example: "10% off on non-sale items for partners", "Customers tagged as VIPs get 15% off storewide in June"


One monthly plan gives you access to all Playwright's features.

$79 / month

This special lifetime pricing is available exclusively to beta users.

  • Buy one, get one campaigns
  • Product bundles / kits / set pricing
  • Tiered pricing / Quantity breaks
  • Customer-specific / Wholesale pricing
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